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Affiliate State of National ground Water Association – Member of the American Ground Water Trust

  Wyoming Water Well Association’s Official Publication

  5947 Road 32, Hawk Springs, WY 82217


 Dedicated to the efficient development & conservation of ground water in Wyoming!


  November 2014                    


We are excited to host our Annual Convention and Trade Show in Casper in January.  We are working hard to bring you an excellent line of speakers and a trade show that will fill your needs and answer your questions.

In late March the Chief Electrical Inspector from the State Fire Marshall’s office, Bruce Trembath, presented a class in Riverton for those wishing to obtain their limited electrical license for pump installation.  Class attendance was overwhelmingly attended by 50+ contractors.  What was originally scheduled as a one day class ended up encompassing two full days.  The Chief Electrical Inspector offered the electrical exam to all who attended. Not everyone was able to pass the difficult exam so another class is planned for the pre- convention date of January 20,2015. You will be able to attend the class on Tuesday and take the electrical test on Wednesday January 21, the first day of the convention and attend the trade show reception in the evening.   Hopefully you will stay and attend all the continuing education classes that will be offered Thursday and Friday.  Sounds like an excellent plan doesn’t it! My deepest thanks to Bruce for scheduling this important part of your requirements.   Free electrical license exam, continuing ed classes, mingle with peers and attend all the trade show offerings makes this an exciting venue.   Look for the schedules and registrations that will arrive in a couple of weeks.

                 The Water Well Association wish to thank the following new members for joining the Association

Wes Moody - All Around Drilling, LLC - Story, WY

Lance Gleich - All Around Drilling, LLC - Pine Bluffs, WY

Neil Dunbar - McDrilling Inc - Gillette, WY

Joel Hjorth - McDrilling Inc - Gillette, WY

Jeffrey Cuevas - Gillette, WY         

Please let them know you appreciate their support to our association.


  • With the registrations a letter will be sent to you to nominate your peers for awards. Please take the time to look it over and nominate someone you feel deserves recognition.   Without your help I don’t know who out in the field takes the extra time, volunteers or provides customer service at its best.  Sending it back with your registration all in one envelop is most appreciated.

  • The Richard A. Stockdale Memorial Scholarship has been sent to all high schools and colleges in Wyoming. If you know someone that may be eligible, please encourage them to apply.  Preference is given to an applicant if you are a member of the Wyoming Water Well Association.

  • Thank you to all members who have sent in their membership dues!


Until next time, everyone think SAFETY as you go about your day!




    2018 Convention


    January 24-26

    Ramkota Hotel

    Casper, WY

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